How to quote reply someone in WhatsApp group chat

WhatsApp in October this year included a capability to the application that enables you to respond to a message faster than the common method of replying on the conversation app. However oddly not many of us understand about it. We are speaking about the swipe to reply functionality that makes it easier to quote reply a person in a team conversation.

Prior to discussing what is this performance, it is important to understand why is it crucial in top place. Say you are a member of any kind of family team conversation which is 24×7 active. There is barely a pause as the messages maintain beginning all of it the moment. Now in between of all the family members conversation that is going on, your cousin has actually asked you if you could satisfy him at the airport or not. His message is complied with by your auntie’s greetings message, after that your grandpa’s grinning picture, next some more greetings messages and more. How do you respond to just his message then? This is where the quote reply functionality comes to utilize. It allows the other chat team members understand that you remain in conversation with one specific member which others should comment just if required.

Currently there are 2 ways of responding to a chat- by lengthy pressing or by swiping right. The lengthy pushing approach is fairly old and also much of us still follow this method to respond. You straightforward lengthy press the message to which you wish to reply and tap on the arrow icon above. A reply message box will appear. Just type your reply and tap on send out switch.

Second is the swipe to reply. The feature has been on iphone devices since long time. With swipe to respond, you can respond to a conversation in somewhat lower quantity of time. To use the performance, merely swipe right the message to which you wish to respond. A text box will certainly show up. just type your reply and also tap on send switch.

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